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Penguin Views

The latest issue of Penguin Views is now out!


NUMBER 87 JANUARY – APRIL 2016 Contents


  • Information about the Society

  • Editorial

  • Operation Tabarin – A top secret mission unravelled
    A scholarly contribution on Operation Tabarin by Professor David Handelman, an expedition as to the purpose of which there exists a great divergence of opinion. It features a wonderful piece of unique commercial mail sent to the expedition.

  • Magga Dan and Thala Dan 1959-1960: a puzzling cover
    Some detective work!

  • Show and Tell: Member Displays
    The 1982-1984 Dick Smith Expedition, Professor Niels Bruhn’s letter to Doctor Lewis, and An interesting Russian cover explained

  • President’s Philatelic News
    Three exhibitions involving the polar class are coming this year. There are also some interesting observations as to the operation of “postal facilities” at the bases and elsewhere involving Australia Post.

  • The Latest Antarctic News

  • Exhibition Timetable

  • ANARE Shipping Schedule 2015–2016


The full issue is now on our members pages. Read, enjoy and let us know what you think. Even better - why not contribute something to our next issue?!


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3 times each year our members produce the Penguin Views Journal. Each issue contains an invaluable collection of information on our hobby:


  • Commissioned research on specific topics of our polar history

  • Information on current and future philatelic stamp issues

  • The latest news from Antartica

  • Upcoming polar exhibitions

  • Shipping Schedules

  • Letter from the Editor


  • and much, much more!


Recent issues have included in depth articles on a wide range of topics. Here are a few examples:


  • 1971 French-Australian Summer Expedition to Heard Island

  • Twenty years of Polar exhibits 1995-2015

  • A tribute to Captain Wilhelm Pederson of the Lauritzen Shipping line

  • The German 1938 - 1939 Antarctic Expedition

  • The early post offices at Heard and Macquarie Islands

  • Japanese Whaling in the Antarctic the Tonan Maru in Sydney October 1935

  • Japanese Antarctic Research 1957-1958

  • Antarctic Climate Change Research – A thematic overview

  • The Charter of the “Magga Dan” – 1961-1963 French Expeditions

  • AAT decimal issues-Local FDCs - The Scarce Ones

  • Akademik Shokalskiy Ice Stranding Incident

  • MV Holmlea at Macquarie Island-March 1954

  • Life in Antarctica –Book Review

  • Arthur Bergen’s adopted Penguin

  • Mawson Base 60 th Anniversary

  • The Voyages of the ‘Tottan’ to Terre Adelie 1951-53

  • ‘Antarctica’ by Gabrielle Walker – Book Review

  • ANARE Shipping Schedule.


To give you a further taster of what our journal is, here is a full copy of a recent edition for your enjoyment:

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Not to mention the opportunity to join a group of people who share your passion for polar history and philately!

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