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One of our members, Steve, maintains a list of collecting resources which he shares here with us. These journals, catalogues and books have proven to be useful to him and we agree that they are a useful reference for both new and experienced collectors of polar philately.


Our President, David Collyer, has also catalogued the Polar Philately Holdings of the Philas Library. The Philas Library is a part of the Philatelic Association of NSW (Philas) and is located on the 2nd floor of Philas House, 17 Brisbane Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney. Philas library also has a presence on the Philas website. Their offices are open on Tuesday and Saturday of each week. The Librarian is Graeme Morriss. David's catalogue is here.


A number of these items are hard to find, but like polar philately, that's half the fun isn't it?


If you know of other resources that are not listed, then please drop us a line so he can add it to our site.


Just don't try to read them all at once!

Polar Philatelic Journals

There are quite a number to choose from, but most take some effort to obtain as a number of our fellow societies don't have an online presence.


We may be biased but we believe that a great journal is our own Penguin Views available as part of your membership of the ASFPP!


  • Australian Aerophilatelist, quarterly, Australian Airmail Society

  • Correo Polar, half-yearly, Sociedad Espanola de Filatelia Polar

  • Cover Collector, 3 times a year, Australian Cover Society

  • Ice Cap News, quarterly, American Society of Polar Philatelists

  • London Philatelist, ten times a year, Royal Philatelic Society London

  • Penguin Views, 3 times a year, Australian Society for Polar Philately – ASFPP

  • Polar Post, Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain

  • Polaris, quarterly, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Polarphilatelie

  • Polarkurier (Polar Courier), issues of the Polar Circle of the DDR (East Germany) Philatelic Society, Dieter Querndt

  • Polarphilatelie, quarterly,  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Polarphilatelie

  • Terra Nova, annual, Cercle d’études postales polaires

  • Terres Polaires, quarterly, Union Française de Philatélie Polaire-SATA

  • Upland Goose, quarterly, Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group



There are a number of good catalogues to choose from, but if I had to choose only one - then that would be the Stanley Gibbons Antarctica catalogue as it covers Australian, British, French and New Zealand antarctic stamp issues. They are certainly not the only countries of interest to us collectors, but it's a start. You can order it online from the Stanley Gibbons Shop.


  • 2002-2015 The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue, 8 Vol., Brusden White:

                      Kangaroos, 5th edition, 226 pages, softbound, 2013

                      King George V, 4th edition, 464 pages, softbound, 2014

                      King George VI, 280 pages, softbound, 2015

                      Queen Elizabeth II 1952-1966, 3rd edition, 376 pages, softbound, 2015

                      Decimals I 1966-1975, 2nd edition, 436 pages, softbound, 2002

                      Decimals II 1975-1991, 558 pages, softbound, 2002

                      Decimals III 1992-2001, 512 pages, softbound, 2002

                      Postal Stationery 1911-1966, 420 pages, 2013

  • 2004 Postmarks of the Australian Antarctic Territory 1911-2004, C. A. Woolley & Janet S. Eury, 100p.

  • 2006 Australian Stamp Variations 1966-2006, David Mallen, 134p.

  • 2006 Stanley Gibbons France Stamp Catalogue, Part 6, 6th Ed., 405p.

  • 2007 Comprehensive Colour Catalogue of Australian Stamps, 2 Vol., Michael Eastick

  • 2007 Tome de Référence des Catalogues, Yvert & Tellier, Bilingual French/English. In French. 330 p.

  • 2009 Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth of Australia Stamp Catalogue, 272p.

  • 2010 Stanley Gibbons Antarctica Catalogue, 70p.

  • 2012 Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World set of 6 Stamp Catalogues, 6 Vol.

  • 2012 Stamps of the Polar Worlds - 1900 to 2012, Frank R. Michel, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 5th Ed., 146p.

  • 2013 Illustrated Catalogue of Covers of the Australian Antarctic Territory 1911 – Ships III, 262p.

  • 2016 Volume 1: Timbres de France, Yvert & Tellier, Colour version, Hardcover. In French. 1184 p.

  • 2016 Volume 1: Timbres de Monaco et des Territoires Français d'Outre-Mer, Yvert & Tellier. In French. 1072p.

Books and Monographs

20 Years On The Ice: 1955-1975 by the Public Affairs Staff, Development Squadron Six, U. S. Antarctic Navy, 1976


A Postal History of Campbell Island.pdf, 2015


A Postal History of the Joint NZ – US Hallett Station Antarctica.pdf, 2015


Antarctic Covers by Eugene Vasilyevich Milovidov, also published in 1980 by “Swyaz” as issue 6 of the “Library of the Young Philatelist.”


Antarctic Odyssey by Phillip Law. 1984. 284p, Heinemann (U.K.). 20 Pounds


Antarctic Posts by Dr. J. H. Harvey Pirie, 1948


Antarctica: The Japanese South Polar Expedition of 1910–12 by Shirase, N. and Antarctic Expedition Supporters Association. 2011. Translated from the Japanese by Lara Dagnell and Hilary Shibata. Bluntisham Books and Erskine Press (Originally published in Tokyo in 1913 by Nankyoku Tanken Kōenkai (Shirase Antarctic Expedition Supporters' Association), with title, Nankyokuki (A record of Antarctica)).


Argentina Polar Postal History 1904-1977, Argentine Antarctic stations datestamps catalogue and price list. 1998. In Spanish & English.


Australia In The Antarctic by R.A. Swan, Melbourne University Press, 1961


Bielefelder Polar Post Collectors Society: Antarctic expedition of the USA - Postmarks of the stations and ships (Specialprint), 2000 Printed by Polarpost-Sammlerverein Vielefeld e.V. 52pp. This is Handbook No. 11 of Polarphilatelie @.V., Arbeitsgemeinschaft im BDPh e.V., West Germany. Order from: Kurt Behrensdorf, Neue Str. 15, D-3160 Lehrte, West Germany (Postscheckkonto Hannover 168315-301). DM 10,00. Paperback. 40PP. 1980.


Cruise Book (1956): Operation Deepfreeze I, 1955-56. Printed by the United States Navy. 202pp.


Cruise Book (1957): Operation Deepfreeze II, 1956-57. Printed by the United States Navy. 162pp.


Cruise Book (1958): Operation Deepfreeze III, 1957-58. Printed by the United States Navy. 232pp.


Cruise Book (1962): Operation Deepfreeze 61, 1961-62. Printed by the United States Navy. 226pp.


Deutsche Feldpost Innordskandinavien 1940-1945 by Rolf Kardel. Handbook NO. 12 published by Polarphilatelie e.V., Arbeitsgemeinschaft im BDPh e.V., Leverkusen, West Germany, 1981. Order from: Kurt Behrensdorf, Neue Str. 15, D-3160 Lehrte, West Germany (Posts- checkkonto Hannover 168315-301). Paperback. 98pp


Die Polarfahrten Des Luftschiffes Graf Zeppelin by Siegfried Nicklas and Rolf Kardel

Die Postgeschichte Der Arktis by Hans Egon Vesper, 1961


Essence Of Polar Philately by Hal Vogel, 2008, American Society of Polar Philatelists, ISBN 978-0-9776449-0-2


Exploring the North Polar Regions, 1999


Falkland Islands Printings And Shades - Colour Guide.pdf, 2015


Fundamentals of Philately, L.N. and M. Williams, 629 pp


Histoire Des Obliterations Et Des Timbres Des Terres Australes Et Antarctiques Françaises by Lucien Joffre. Published by “Le Monde des Philatelistes,” 11 bis Bvd. Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France. (Etude No. 221). 60 pages. profusely illustrated. 1978 deluxe version


L'Encyclophilatelie, Yvert & Tellier, 264 p., Hardcover, €18,86


L’épopée du Tcheliouskine 1933 - 1934 by Serge Delsaux - Gilles Troispoux, 2005


La Campagne du Pourquoi-pas? en 1934, J.B. Charcot, Extrait du Bulletin Officiel du Yacht Club de France. 1935. In French. 29p.


La "Charcot" et la Terre Adelie by Pierre Dubard and Luc-Marie Bayle, Editions France-Empire, 1954


Le TOTTAN dans les îles australes et Antarctiques françaises 1951 - 1953 by Jean-Marie Gibiat - Gilles Troispoux, 2002


Les plis de navires à CROZET de 1960 à 2011 by Gilles Troispoux - Serge Delsaux, 2012, ISBN : 978-2-9542349-0-8


Les plis de navires à KERGUELEN de 1950 à 2007 by Gilles Troispoux - Serge Delsaux, 2008


Les plis de navires à Saint-Paul et Amsterdam de 1955 à 2008 by Gilles Troispoux - Serge Delsaux, 2009


Les trois périples du bâtiment polaire "Commandant Charcot" - Terre Adélie : 1948 - 1951 by Jean-Marie Gibiat - Gilles Troispoux


Lieutenant Nobu Shirase and the Japanese Antarctic Expedition of 1910-1912 – A Biography by Chet Ross, Adélie Books, 2010, limited edition of 290 copies

Oblitérations des Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises by Gilles Troispoux - Serge Delsaux, 2006


One Hundred Years of Icelandic Stamps 1873-1973 by Jonsson, Jon Adalsteinn, Reykjavik 1977


Operation Deepfreeze by RADM George J. Dufek, United States Navy, Harcourt Brace & Co., 1957


Operation Highjump - Antarctic Expedition, 1946 and 1947 by Joseph Lynch, American Society of Polar Philatelists 1996


Picture Postcard Values 31st edition, 2005, 224p.


Postal history of Soviet antarctic activities 1955-1977 by Ott, R.E. 1980, American Society of Polar Philatelists Handbook No. 1


Postal history of the Australian Antarctic 1911-1965 by Milner, R. M., Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain, 1975, 56p.


Postcards of Antarctic Expeditions, A Catalogue: 1898-1958 by Margery Wharton, rev. edition, 2007, 361p


Postmarks and Cachets of the British Antarctic Bases and South Georgia book supplement.pdf, 2015


Postmarks and Cachets of the British Antarctic Bases and South Georgia by John Youle, 2001


Postmarks of the Australia Antarctic Territory 1911-2004 by Colleen A. Woolley and Janet S. Eury, Australian PictorMarks, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 2004, ISBN 0 64640171 8.


Poststempelkatulog Antarktis 1982 by Gerhard TrZ5gel (West Germany)


Roald Amundsen: Expedition Mail, Letters, Postcards & Stamps by Fred Goldberg, Lidingo, Sweden: Privately Published, 2000. (Fred can be contacted at Box 1210, SE-181 24 Lidingo, Sweden. His e-mail is )


Shackleton’s Argonauts by Frank Hurley, Angus & Robertson, 1948


Special Postal Postmarks of USSR, 1922-1972, Catalogue-Handbook by author-editor Vadim Alexandrovich Yakobs, published by “Swyaz,” (the All-Russian Philatelic Federation) Moscow 1976, and its two supplements:
Special Postal Postmarks of USSR, 1973-1976, and
Special Postal Postmaaks of USSR, 1977-1980, by the same author and publisher.


Spitsberg 1946 - Expédition de Yves Vallette, Robert Pommier et J.A. Martin by Gilles Troispoux


Stars, Stripes & Ice – Drifting stations, icebreakers, submarines and Article land stations in their mail history by Franco Giardini, Frederico Masnari and Enrico Garrou, 69 illustrations in color, 46 in black and white 25 paintings etc. photographs, 11 maps, others 336, in all 476 illustrations. 2007, 312 pages, full color, card, in Italian, published at 49.50 euro plus transit, limited stock, $60.00


Svalbard Filatelien by Arne J. Bay. Published by Svalbard og Filatelien, Postboks 16 Ellingrudasen, Oslo 10, Norway. 1980. 130 pages


T.A.A.F. Philatelie - Histoire postale, by Henri Tristant, 1974, 1 rue de la Mission-Marchand, F–75016 Paris, France


T.A.A.F. Philatelie Histoire Postale, Henri Tristant, de l’Academie de Philatelie. 1957. In French. 296p.


The History And Postal History Of Tristan Da Cunha (1980) By George F. Crabb


The Japanese South Polar Expedition 1910 –12 — A Record of Antarctica Compiled and edited by The Shirase Antarctic Expedition Supporter’s AssociationTranslated and edited by Lara Dagnell and Hilary Shibata, 416pp


The Mails and Stamps of Ross Dependency.pdf, 2005


The Philately of the Land of the Penguins also by Sashenkov, and published in 1980 by “Swyaz,”


The Polar Post (Poliarnaia Pochta or Polar mail) by Eugene Petrovich Sashenkov, Sviaz. Moscow, USSR. 1975. In Russian. 296p.


The Postal History of Ross Dependency (New Zealand Antarctic) 1955-77 By Mark Jurisich, Classic Publications PO Box 13-396, Christchurch, New Zealand


The postmarks of ross dependency.pdf, 2015


The Shackleton Letters - Behind the Scenes of the Nimrod Expedition by Regina W Daly. 368pp, 235 x 165mm. Over 40 photographs and illustrations; pull-out map of Explorations and Surveys of the Expedition (440 x 430mm). Hard-back, jacketed, blocked on spine. Limited edition of 450 copies individually numbered and signed by the author £27.50


The Third Reich In Antarctica - The German Antarctic Expedition 1938-39.Cornelia Lüdecke and Colin Summerhayes


Tristan da Cunha, its Postal History and Philately by Crabb & Mackay


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