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Philas Library Polar Philately Holdings

Our President, David Collyer, has also catalogued the Polar Philately Holdings of the Philas Library. The Philas Library is a part of the Philatelic Association of NSW (Philas) and is located on the 2nd floor of Philas House, 17 Brisbane Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney. Philas library also has a presence on the Philas website. Their offices are open on Tuesday and Saturday of each week. The Librarian is Graeme Morriss. David's catalogue is here.


The catalogue is arranged in four parts:

  • Journals

  • Polar – Philatelic works

  • Polar – General works

  • Photocopies and Pamphlets.


These holdings are separate from those of the Australian Society of Polar Philately.



Antarctic – New Zealand Antarctic Society 1961-1972 (incomplete. This publication is available in digital from the NZ Antarctic Web site)


ANARE News- 1984-1993


Ice Cape News – American Society of Polar Philately: 1961-1963, 1969-2001, 2010-01


Penguin Views – Australian Society for Polar Philately


Polar Post – Polar Postal History Society of GB: 1965-1970, 1973-2012


Polar Times – American Polar Society: 1958-1964


Project Blizzard Newsletter : January 1984, April 1984, July 1984, October 1984, July 1995

Polar - Philatelic Works

Alaimo, Salvador. Centenario del rescate de al Expedicion Nordenkjold por la Corbeta Argentine “Urugauy”  2003.


The Arctic and the Antarctic on Soviet Postage stamps. No date.


Bagshawe, Richard. The postal history of the Antarctic  1904-1949. Cambridge, Scott Polar Research Instituye, 1951.


Borten, Salomon. 10th Year of Lindbald Tourist Expeditions in Antarctica 1966-1975. Los Angeles, American Society of Polar Philately, no date.


Collectors Mail Auctions Antarctic and Antarctic postal  history price realisations 1973-1975.


Duns, Robert. NZ Antarctic Postal History to 1941. Christchurch, Philatelic Foundation, 1997.


Egon Vesper, Hans. Die Post in der Antarkis (ca 1950’s).


Harvey Pirie, Dr J H. Antarctic Posts, London Stamp Collecting (ca. 1950’s).


Jurisich, Mark. A polar postal history of Campbell Island (NZ) 1952-1995. Melbourne, Postal History Society, no date.


Jurisich, Mark. A postal history of Ross Dependency – NZ Antarctica 1955-1977. Christchurch, Classic publications, 2002.


Jurisich, Mark. Postmarks of Ross Dependency. Wellington, RPSNZ, 2012.


Jurisich, Mark. South Africa’s Sub Antarctic and Antarctic weather stations  1948-1990Melbourne, Postal History Society, no date.


Lukas, Berndt. SudAfrika Antarktis expedition. Berlin, Norden 1979.


Milner, Roy. Postal history of Australian Antarctic 1911-1965. London, Robson Lowe, 1975.


Photographic record of the ANARE expedition to Heard island 1947. Adelaide, Philatelic Society of South Australia , no date.


Ott, Russell. Postal history of Soviet Antarctic activities  1955-1977. Los Angeles, American Society of Polar Philately, 1980.


Ravnsborg-Gjertsen, Per. Mail from Roald Amundsen explorations by airplanes and airship 1922-1928, Trondhiem, Selfpublished, 1970.


Startup, R.M. Antarctic postal services. Masteron, Mail Coach, no date.

Polar - General Works

Bechervaise, John. Science- Man on Ice in Antarctica. Melbourne, Lothian, 1978.


Brewster, Barney. Antarctic Wilderness. South Melbourne, Sun Books, 1981.


Burke, David. Moments of Terror – the story of Antarctic Aviation. Sydney, UNSW Press 1994.


Castrission, James. Extreme South. ( Castrission/ Jones Expedition) Sydney, Hatchett, 2012.


Peat, Neville. Mauric Conly Ice on my Palette. Christchurch, Whitcoulls, 1972.


Fuchs, Vivian. The Crossing of Antarctica. London, Cassell,1960


Jensen, David. Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic Bases. Hamilton NZ, New Zealand Printing Co.,


Lewis, David. Voyage to the Ice- The Antarctic Expedition of Solo. Sydney, ABC, 1975


Mc Gonigal, David. Antarctica – Secrets of the Southern Continent. Pymble. Simon and Schuster, 2001.


Murray-Smith, Stephen. Sitting on Penguins - people and politics in Australian AntarcticaSydney, Hutchinson, 1983.


Quam, Louis. Research in the Antarctic- Dallas Symposium of the American Society for the Advancement of Science. December 1968.  Washington ASAS 1971.


Taubenfeld, Howard. A treaty for Antarctica. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1961.


Weetman, Charles. All about Antarctica. Melbourne, Ramsay Ware, 1948.

Photocopies and Pamphlets

Adams, Richard. Voyage through the Antarctic. Penguin (photocopy)


Antarctica discovery and exploration 1587-1922. State Library of NSW Exhibition guide, 1983


Australian Antarctic Division Pamphlets

#3 The Flora & Fauna of Antarctica

#4 Australia History in Antarctica

#6 Australia’s Antarctic stations

#8 Australia science in Antarctica

#14 Australia and Antarctica.


The British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904 (Paul Wales Collection) Photocopy


Debenham, Frank. Scott’s last expedition (photocopy of pages 193-287


Forbes, L.M. Captain Robert Falcon Scott RN.  Cambridge. Scott Polar Research Institute.


Hall, Lincoln. Manhaul to Mt Minto (Photocopy).


HMS Discovery. 1959 (Exhibit Guide).


Kofler, P.  Australian Antarctic stamps investing , self published 1981


List of Antarctic Bases in alphabetical order (Roenoed)


Shifting ground: photographs by Frank Hurley 1911-1919. State Library of NSW exhibition guide.


Sir Douglas Mawson’s Expeditions 1911-1914, 1929-1930 (Photocopy).


Sir George Hubert Wilkins 1888-1958 (photocopy).


Skowron, Paul. R.J. Byrd Antarctic expedition BAE II 1933-1934 – reprint from “Stamps” May 1994


Wharton, Margery. Postcards of Antarctic Expeditions & catalogue 1898-1958 – photocopy

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