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Auction: One Week To Go!

AAT Mawson 10 February 1963: registered official ANARE envelope sent by Phillip Law and signed by him (front and back) with back stamp and the label tied by marking. This is a part of auction lot D59

The annual ASFPP polar auction is getting close now with only a week left until bidding opens! Once again we have received a fantastic range of material and I'm sure the auction is going to be keenly fought.

There are almost 100 lots and they range from the Heroic Age through until modern times. There are many covers, the odd letter or note, many unusual and hard to find cancellations, postcards, flights and radio material. Something for everyone I think.

I've included 3 of the items to illustrate the range of material available.

A special thank you to all of those who have made this material available to the rest of us - even if it is only to view and dream. Also, many thanks to ASFPP members Peter and Graham for running the auction again this year.

Above is a photo of the Nanok S in Hobart, TAS. This is a part of auction lot D72.

To the left is a part of a circa 1913 envelope bearing a clear example of the “LOOSE SHIP’S LETTER / S.Y. AURORA /A.A.E” penguin handstamp. This is an example of a very rare third type “Aurora” cachet and is a part of auction lot D25.

To further wet your appetite, here is a preview of all the auction items over on Fickr.

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