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Heard Island Postmasters

Further to my last blog, some readers may know that I have been writing an encyclopaedia of Antarctic philately. As a part of this I have been trying to document the people who have been postmasters at the Australian Antarctic bases. I will publish all these in coming blog posts, but here is what I know of the Postmasters during expeditions to Heard Island:

  • 1947 Stuart Campbell (Round Trip)

  • 1946 Louis E Macey

  • 1949 Dr. Robert W Allison

  • 1950 J. Harry Vause

  • 1951 Kevin Johnston

  • 1952 Jim Carr

  • 1953 John M Béchervaise

  • 1954 Danny Sweetensen

  • 1955 - 1984 not operational (N.O.)

  • 1985 Lynn Williams Summer 85-86

  • 1986 Rod Ledingham Summer 86-87

  • 1987 Eric Woehler Summer 87-88

If anyone knows of mistakes or additions, then please drop me a line at p-6-1-B-at-protonmail-dot-com - or via this website.

I've already published in previous blogs a list of Postmasters at:

  • Casey Station

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